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Industry News

Understanding Your Assessment Appeal

At Richardson Best Appraisals, we provide more than just house and property value appraisals. One of our other sought after services is our “Assessment Appeal” review and assistance we provide for our clients. No one wants to be cited a devalued assessment on their house or property. Not only do individuals value the investment they have made on their purchase,…

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Inclined Concerns due to Decline in Amortization

As of the summer of 2012, it was announced that the previous thirty-year amortization mortgages, would now be set at twenty-five years for those entering into the homeowner’s marketplace. That means, the maximum refinance allowable is now 80%, with no insured mortgages over $1,000,000. The Government of Canada is continually trying to strengthen Canada’s questionable housing finance system, and as…

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Location Location Location (with a side of RE-location!)

Living in the right location can involve a number of factors. From timing to current and forecasted developments in the area, to the quality of your building and lay of your land. Knowing which location to buy in to best profit from your investment depends on a few factors also, and at Richardson Appraisals, we can help you map your…

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Weighing Your Investments Wisely

Most investments involve some sort of risk, and purchasing real estate as an investment is no exception to that rule. By utilizing a real estate appraiser, your investment can be a better-informed decision. There are -of course- no guarantees to the marketplace, but having an expert assess your home, land, and/or surrounding area can better assist you in making an…

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Investing In Life …The Benefits of Richardson Appraisal

Your real estate story begins as a buyer looking to invest in your first property. An appraiser is someone who will help you better write this story, and can enhance the purchase or sale of your property, and assist you in mapping your way through the complications of this financial path. The story continues after a year or two, when…

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First Time Buyers – Priced Out of the Marketplace?

If you are a first time buyer, you might have heard the words “slowing” and “cooling” often, regarding the housing market. Combine those terms with the fact that mortgage rules change and tighten -seemingly on a constant basis- and that is enough to make first-time buyers and seasonal buyers alike, nervous to proceed. Regardless of these cautionary tales the media…

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